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Community Engagement at Horns Park

Project – Demolition and construction for Five New Homes at Horns Park, Bishopsteignton.

Client – Wyse Group Ltd

Ortus Appointment Architecture |Planning | Community Consultation.

Construction Contract Value – £1.6M

The days of submitting simple planning drawings and negotiating an approval with the planners are long behind us and even the simplest applications require a strategic plan and longer term view to give them the best chance in planning.

This proposal for a low density development, on privately owned and access land, within the settlement boundary, would once have been a shoe in for a delegated approval. A tool given to the planners to speed up the planning process but, of course, the vocal minority orchestrated by the ‘I’m all rights’ make a lot of noise.

Community engagement will never change the position of this minority but it did, in this case, give a platform to alternative voices and to hear alternative proposals.

Ortus created a bespoke website with a simple questionnaire, undertook a leaflet drop to every home, and promoted a public consultation meeting, through the village and parish media, all of which resulted in a more balanced response to the submitted proposal. This democratic outcome can be presented to the Councillors and planners to support our proposed, rather modest, development of four new homes.

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