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Low Energy, Off Site and Beautiful

Low Energy, Off-Site and Beautiful

This development of 8, spacious and high-quality apartments, shows that good design and modern methods of construction can deliver low-energy solutions without ecobling.

Current Status – Complete

“Last summer we kept coming inside to keep cool and here I am in February wondering if I need to turn the heating on!”.

Challenges – The site was bought with the benefit of planning permission so with the exception of some amendments this presented a few difficulties. The challenges for this project came in delivery and the decision to use an off-site method of construction. The advantages were obvious in that the thermal qualities of the product far exceeded the requirements for building regulations. The panels are delivered to the site complete with plasterboard, electrical sockets and windows, all factory-fitted with the highest levels of quality control. So far so good but the logistics required a whole new way of working, from detail design to site delivery, and it was a steep learning curve.

But it was a success – We are so proud of the finished project which shows the value of good design and detailing. The vast sliding doors face almost due south but the recessed balconies create natural shading preventing thermal gain and ensuring the spaces stay cool. The insulation and ventilation make the internal environment as controllable as you could wish and washed with natural light through the triple-glazed windows the spaces are beautiful. Large patios, balconies and roof terraces make the most of the sea view and the secluded patios to the rear provide a little tranquil privacy.

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