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Teignmouth Rising!

I’m starting with an optimistic view for the year and nothing screams optimism more than seeing investment and development in places that are often overlooked.

Have you heard of Teignmouth? A small, South Devon, seaside town and port. The self-proclaimed ‘Gem of South Devon’ which also, according to the town museum, has the dubious honour of being the last place on the English mainland to be occupied by enemy forces!

A quiet place, that’s often overlooked, but this year will see some significant development projects coming to life and in these interesting times, with a perceived ground swell of city dwellers fleeing to less dense communities, perhaps the start of more to come.

This residential development on Clay Lane, a Darnley Developments project, is due to be finished this summer and I challenge anyone to show me a better view than you’ll get from the balcony of these beautiful south-facing homes. The design looks to be based on a wharf-side warehouse, which is a perfect interpretation for the location, and it’s sitting seamlessly in the townscape. These 23 new homes will, I’ve no doubt, be finished to the highest specification but this isn’t a sales pitch so I’ll leave that to the agent. If it’s scenic living you crave then the views that span from the Back beach, across the Ness, and out to sea in one direction then round to the river Teign and watching the sun set over Dartmoor in the other, then will be hard to beat. It’s truly a joy to see private investment at this scale showing confidence in the future of this little town.

Nestled in the old town there’s more, with the upcoming mixed commercial and residential development on Brunswick Street. A town and district council project that will bring life and activity back to an over-looked but spatially important location between the beaches. The arrival of a Premier Inn signifies an optimistic commercial outlook, and the inclusion of healthcare services will keep some civic life in the space. Throw in some residential for good measure and the outlook is rosy.

Next is an unexpected, and ambitious, project that couldn’t be more riverside. The development of this former boat yard will create a home for water sports, cafés and true waterside living. Still in the early stages of planning, so perhaps changing from what’s depicted here, but something will be created making this a beautiful spot for a summer afternoon on the water or a serine winter hideaway.

And finally, it’s not just commercial developers getting a feel for the place either as private individuals are eyeing up this South Devon jewel and introducing some beautiful architecture. The hillside across the river at Shaldon (yes I know it’s not Teignmouth) has always been scattered with some beautiful homes and another masterpiece is currently under construction demonstrating that people who know success are putting their faith, and investing their hard-earned cash, in this little town.

2021 will spark a new era for the ‘Gem of South Devon’ and I’m aware of at least two more significant development sites that are waiting to be plucked (and a third if the council wants to get creative). Investment is here, more is coming, Teignmouth is rising, and that’s an optimistic start to my new year.

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