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Arts & Crafts Conundrum

The best development solution has to start with the client’s requirements. Ortus is pleased to have been instructed to develop and submit a planning application for the re-development of this property which has masses of potential presenting several different development solutions from sub-division, extension, additional new build, or even demolition and full re-development. Understanding the benefits, rewards and risks of each option is key and gives the developer clarity on the way to approach the project.

For this project, Ortus was fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved from the outset and support the client in this decision-making process through development viability options, risk analysis, program and delivery implications. This support from Ortus, combined with their own due diligence and market assessment, gave the client comfort that the right development strategy in this case is to sub-divide & retain the existing building and construct new houses on the grounds. So we’re off!

As designers this results in an interesting outcome whereby we get the purity of engaging in the design development of new properties (albeit with some strong aesthetic direction) combined with balancing cost with outcome for the effective sub-division of an existing property. After all, this is a commercial development project where there are cost implications (therefore bottom line implications) with every decision made.

Lanherne interior

So, the conundrum lies in such decisions. A converted property offers details and features that typically don’t exist in in new build, we could call it character or charm, which appeal to a certain market but as a developer decisions need to be made that maximise value.

A grand house has details such as this staircase with its stepped feature windows emphasising the importance of the space. If one were in the market for a converted property details like this would surely appeal to a sense of history and character however its retention may have implications for the interior spaces. Approaching a project like this constantly throws up similar dilemmas which is why we work closely with the clients to ensure we understand their priorities, their market, their outcomes, to ensure that their best solution is delivered.

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