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Architecture is at the core of who we are but so is a desire to challenge expectations in a rapidly evolving industry that is becoming more and more complex.

We’re a team of like-minded professionals who believe that simplicity and commitment are the keys to the success of our clients. Simplicity in the way we deliver projects, removing unnecessary layers or services, and commitment through alternative solutions like our unique, shared risk, service agreements.

Our industry is evolving with the emergence of modern methods of construction, BIM (Building Information Modelling), Artificial Intelligence… and with a focus on simplicity, we ensure these become tools to enhance what we deliver and not complicate it further.

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Contributing from the outset, we support our clients with design-based project viability, risk and cost assessment. A valuable second perspective underpinning their confidence in making informed acquisition decisions.

This early project exposure then naturally evolves into a clear project brief ensuring management and progress through design development and planning are focused and simple.

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project viability

A preliminary snapshot of a potential development site to review planning history, flood risk, local property values, and project potential. Our clients see this as a valuable first step often enabling them to get to ‘No’ quickly without wasting too much time.

The Viability Report

A more detailed site analysis, to consider local variables, planning restrictions, development constraints, market values, and feasibility designs, providing our clients with the right solution in the right location. The profiles, products, and ambitions of our clients are as different as the sites they acquire and the right solution for a development project depends on many different factors.

Ortus works closely with clients to understand their long-term ambitions which in turn inform the shape any new project takes. Understanding their attitude to risk, time frame, and delivery strategy are all considerations to be resolved before any form of design takes place.

Analysis of development, cost, strategy, and product alternatives provides our clients and their investors with security and confidence that they’re progressing toward the right solution with risks identified, measured, and mitigated.


At Ortus we have extensive experience in the development, preparation, and submission of Planning Applications. A knowledge and degree of in-house expertise that informs the early development stages of a project.

With a demonstrable track record of planning success, we’re confident in both our ability to deliver and to know when more specialist support is necessary.

We work within a wide support network of specialist providers from heritage and conservation to urban development strategies and S106 negotiations.

Tony Horsey
“I believe the construction industry is undergoing a renaissance and the next few years will be the most exciting in an already diverse and interesting career”

Tony Horsey MCIOB – Founder of Ortus


With the earlier phases of work complete Ortus and our clients approach the design phase of a project with a clear understanding and project brief. Risks are identified, managed, and mitigated and there’s a clear understanding of expected outcomes.

As experienced architectural designers we take this first hand and undiluted brief developing it through the feasibility, design, and planning stages that follow.

Practical, usable buildings can still be beautiful, beautiful buildings can still be low energy in use and construction; technologies, modern methods of construction, contemporary materials, and technical solutions form part of a pallet that we apply in the right way, to the right projects, to fulfill our clients needs.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Building, we take equal pride in our technical capacity as in our design. With experience delivering traditional construction, off-site manufactured solutions, detailed specification, and tender package production the transition from concept and planning to detail and construction is seamless.


The 2015 CDM regulations require the appointment of a ‘Principal Designer’ on projects where more than one contractor is involved.

In this capacity, we represent the client’s interests in planning, managing, and coordinating the design team and the information produced. We assess and document risks, processes, and potential hazards, that could emerge through the construction phase contributing to the production of the principal contractor’s construction phase health and safety plan.

Risk identification and management through the design phase is a key factor in the safe delivery of any construction project and for continuing operations and maintenance beyond.

Project Management

The preceding phases of a development project establish value, scope, risk, and detail but once a project is on site the risks become very real and mistakes become expensive.

A clear program, robust supply chain, cost control, contractor relationships, and communication across the project team are essential to the successful delivery of every construction project. 

A clear understanding of the differing contract arrangements and appointment structures will ensure the right solution is provided for the delivery phase of your project.

Ortus has successfully delivered development contracts through principal contractors, management contracts, and other bespoke contracts and we’re confident in the experience and professionalism of our project management team.

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